Step 9: Add the Wow Factor

Write Draft 3: Content + Structure + Polish

You are finally ready to polish your essay. Content and structure were most important in steps 5 and 7; now you need to pay just as much attention to spelling, grammar and style.

There is no video or Try It activity for this step. Your coach will provide feedback directly on your essay draft. You will send your revised essay directly to your coach instead of uploading it here.

What is the Wow Factor?

This is not the time to make big changes. To add the Wow factor, you need to revise once more, this time with an eye toward clarity and style. This revision is all about final edits and proofreading. You have chosen an effective topic, your theme is clear, and readers are sure to learn something meaningful about you from reading your essay. Now polish your prose just a tiny bit. At the same time, don’t let anyone else choose your words. As always, make sure you are telling your story in your own voice and in your own words. Admissions officers want to hear your voice – not the voice of your well-meaning parent, teacher or friend.

Reflect on Your Coach’s Feedback

Before you revise your essay again, consider the feedback you have received so far.

Read your essay again, paying attention to content, structure AND polish. Don’t rely on someone else (or spell check) to correct your misspellings or grammar errors. This is your work, and it should reflect your best abilities as a writer.

Make every word count. Read for clarity and focus, and make small changes that can make a difference. Don’t overhaul the essay. You’ve done the hard work already.