Step 4: Free Write for Details

Now that your theme is clear, you are almost ready to write a first draft. But first, make sure you have some great details. Just as you did when you wrote about your morning, this is a chance to relax and use all of your senses to highlight your unique writing voice.

To begin Step 4, watch the Video Intro. When you are done, continue reading to learn more about this step.  Then select Try It Now for an exercise that will help you record as many details about your story as possible.

Note: the video tells you to “Click Read It.” There is no click! Just read the page.

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Ready to Write?

Allowing the process to guide you is the best way to find out what you have to say. So before you write that “real” essay, you need to capture even more details. You will have plenty of time to compose beautiful sentences later. Plan to free write for ten minutes or more to generate some possibilities. Focus on your anchor story – the What Happened? part of your theme. Just as you did with your morning writing (Finding Your Voice), write down as much as possible about your story. Do not write in essay form. Just jot down notes. Use all of your senses. Consider such aspects as: Who appears in your story?  Where does it take place? Why were you there? What led up to this experience? What did you see, smell, hear, etc? Include as many specific details as possible.

Try it: Free Write for Details

Estimated time to complete this writing task: 15 minutes

Try It: Free Write for Details

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