Step 10: Edit and Proofread

You are almost done! Step 10 is just proofreading and very minor editing.

There is no video or Try It activity for this step. Your coach will send you an email with final polish comments.

Proofreading is different from revision. At this stage of the process, your coach will review one more time for clarity, proper spelling, accurate punctuation and a healthy respect for the rules of grammar. Yes, you can occasionally start a sentence with a conjunction. And yes, you can end with a preposition, as long as you don’t do it all the time. Overall, you should demonstrate that you learned something worthwhile in English class. It’s time to make sure everything in your essay is just right.

This is not the time to rethink your essay! You should feel confident that you have made good choices throughout the steps you just completed.

Once your coach has proofread your essay, it will be ready to submit. Resist the urge to show it to multiple reviewers for their opinion and input. Everyone will have an idea for “improvement,” which is likely to confuse and frustrate you. Trust yourself, and trust the process.

If you decide to share your essay with others, be sure to share the prompt and theme as well. Handing an essay to a parent, friend or teacher and asking, “Is this good?” is unlikely to elicit useful feedback. Instead, try this: “I’m giving you my essay along with the prompt and my essay’s theme. I worked hard with my coach and made many improvements along the way. I am showing you my essay because I am proud of it.”

When you can graciously accept any feedback that helps you convey your theme and respectfully decline anything that does not help, then you are truly ready to share your essay.