This community member directory lists participating consultants and educators who are available to contact and networking.

Wendy Briley – Wake Forest, NC

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Danielle Casas – New Rochelle, NY

I love learning about my student’s stories. I love watching them tell me about something they loveand I am in awe when they share painful events. I volunteer with first generation, low income students and their stories have a depth of reflection and challenge that makes them unique.

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Diana Daymond – Walnut Creek, CA

Well truthfully I don’t really enjoy essay coaching very much. I really do enjoy brainstorming with students but my challenge is to help the students advance their ideas into a personal statement… This is why I am working with your program.

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Sandi Fahn – Sacramento, CA

Reviewing essays, sometimes brainstorming:)

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Sarah Falbo – Pittsburgh, PA

Interacting one on one with students and helping them to demystify this process and gain confidence in their writing voice.

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Kerry Folan – San Carlos, CA

Working with this age group to explore and help them generate ideas.

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Coco Jin – Livermore, CA

I find essay writing a good opportunity for students to reflect on their strengths and passions.
I enjoy hearing their stories and coach them through the writing process. To get a wonderful story out of them.

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Stephanie Kennedy – Downers Grove, IL

Helping students grow their stories and recognize that their “small” actions can have big impact in an essay; seeing their writing improve!!

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Karen Leonard – Long Beach, çå

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Amy Mednick – Rochester, NY

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Alison Merzel – Columbus, OH

I love getting to know the students better through this process. The essay coaching is where the personal anecdotes come out, where I learn about what the student is truly passionate about, where they have struggled.

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Gail Nichols – Trabuco Canyon, CA

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Tara Powers-Hausmann – Bainbridge Island, WA

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Anna Seltz – St. Charles, IL

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Audrey Slaughter – Walnut Creek, CA

Asking questions to find out what really makes the student happy and engaged. I enjoy hearing the student have an ‘aha’ moment of self reflection when we talk.

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Leanne Soulard – Dartmouth, MA

I love helping students discover their creative side, which isn’t something that is encouraged a lot in traditional English classes. It’s inspiring to help a young person set their story free!

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